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The Even Better Podcast

May 16, 2022

Sinikka Waugh and Ann Wright discuss 5 Things to Know About Volunteering.

Ann Wright
Leadership and Team Coach

Throughout Ann's 25-plus years of experience in leadership and talent development, she discovered and believes that people are an organization's most valuable asset. She partners with organizations and leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals by focusing on people, culture, and everyone's unique talents. Ann believes businesses grow by investing in their team members and embracing the talent each brings.  

She is an ICF Credentialed Coach focusing on Leadership and Team Coaching, speaker, author, and facilitator. Through her workshops and coaching, she assists people in developing their interpersonal skills in areas such as Attitude, Communicating with Confidence, Life/Work Balance, Productive Conflict Resolution,  Meeting Management, Presentation Skills, and Teambuilding, so they can achieve their goals in life, as well as, help their organizations reach their outcomes. 

Ann earned her Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Business and Psychology and Masters in Business Leadership degree through Upper Iowa University. Ann is a licensed facilitator in Coach U's - The Coach Clinic where participants learn how to use the Coaching Conversation Model and develop strategic coaching skills which benefit them in creating a culture where performance is amplified and team effectiveness increases.