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The Even Better Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

Sinikka Waugh and Paula Bell discuss 5 Steps to Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

Paula Bell is the CEO of Paula A Bell Consulting, LLC for over 19 years. She is a coach, consultant, speaker, and author with expertise in the areas of: business analysis, project management, leadership, diversity, equity &...

Nov 23, 2020

Sinikka Waugh and Melissa Worrel Johnson discuss 5 Ways to Demonstrate Leadership Presence.

Over her 18-year career, Melissa Worrel has focused her efforts in leadership, talent development, and business strategy. Her diverse background includes entrepreneurial business start-ups as well as significant leadership roles...

Nov 2, 2020

Sinikka Waugh and David Dubczak discuss 4 Ways to Activate the Genius Modes for You and Your Workforce.

David Dubczak (pronounced Doob-chak) a.k.a Creative Dave, loves helping people be more creative. He believes everyone has their own secret “Genius Mode,” and creative thinking is the key to unlocking it.

David has...

Oct 12, 2020

Sinikka Waugh and Nancy Hanna discuss 4 Ways to a Happy Heart.

Nancy Hanna has always been one to empower others to be the best that they can be with the best that they have. After 30+ years in the education world, she continues to inspire, challenge, motivate, and celebrate others. She is a certified Christian Life...

Sep 21, 2020

Sinikka Waugh and Lynn Swanson discuss 4 Things Everyone Should Do Regardless of Where You are in Your Career.

Lynn has over 25 years in the corporate world, including internal consultation, training, business analysis, project management and chief of staff (operations) in sales. She has pivoted to leading Operations...