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The Even Better Podcast

Feb 6, 2023

Sinikka Waugh, Jodi Rhone, and Andy Haning-Brown discuss 4 Reasons Values are Fundamental to Your Success.

Jodi Rhone; Founding Partner

Jodi co-founded Canary Consulting group with more than twenty years of experience in strategic planning, operations process improvement, and building a healthy workplace culture.

She uses this experience to help nonprofit leaders expand their impact and operate more efficiently. Jodi enjoys coaching nonprofit leaders and boards, helping them define and communicate priorities to their teams, maintain focus, and work effectively together. Jodi is a natural problem solver and encourager who loves making a difference in her community.

Originally from Greenfield, Iowa, Jodi earned her bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Simpson College. She currently lives with her husband and teenage son in Waukee, Iowa.

Andy Haning-Brown; Founding Partner

Andy is the co-founder of Canary Consulting Group; he is an experienced leader with background in human resources, strategic planning, communication, and optimizing operations.

Andy enjoys working with nonprofit leaders to help them effectively engage and communicate with their workforce, optimize their culture, and develop effective leaders. He loves helping organizations find the right-sized solutions to everyday problems, freeing up leaders to focus on building strong and scalable organizations that meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Andy grew up in Knoxville, Iowa, and has a degree in computer programming. Andy and his husband own multiple small businesses and live in Des Moines, Iowa.