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The Even Better Podcast

Nov 15, 2021

Sinikka Waugh, Melissa Worrel-Johnson, Michelle Rembert, and Ann Wright discuss 4 Ways to Communicate More Effectively.

Throughout Ann's 25 plus years of experience in leadership and talent development, she discovered and believes that people are an organization's most valuable asset. She partners with organizations and leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals by focusing on people, culture, and everyone's unique talents. Ann believes businesses grow by investing in their team members and embracing the talent each brings.

Ann is an ICF Credentialed Coach focusing on Leadership and Team Coaching, speaker, author, and facilitator. Through her workshops and coaching, she assists people in developing their interpersonal skills in areas such as Attitude, Communicating with Confidence, Life/Work Balance, Productive Conflict Resolution, Meeting Management, Presentation Skills, and Teambuilding, so they can achieve their goals in life, as well as, help their organizations reach their outcomes.

Ann earned her Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in Business and Psychology and Masters in Business Leadership degree through Upper Iowa University. Ann is a licensed facilitator in Coach U's - The Coach Clinic where participants learn how to use the Coaching Conversation Model and develop strategic coaching skills which benefit them in creating a culture where performance is amplified and team effectiveness increased.

Over her 19-year career, Melissa Worrel has focused her efforts on leadership, talent development, and business strategy. Her diverse background includes entrepreneurial business start-ups as well as significant leadership roles in large organizations. 
As an ICF credentialed coach and licensed facilitator of the Coaching Clinic, DiSC, and CCL’s 360 assessment, Melissa’s purpose is to support leaders to be the best leaders they can be. How we engage, communicate, and collaborate effects our workdays, team culture, and results.
Melissa believes we grow our businesses and profits through teamwork and people. People + Passion + Purpose = Winning Teams. One of our biggest assets is how we lead our teams, develop our people and roll up our sleeves with people leadership.
Melissa lives in Iowa with her husband Alan; they enjoy paddle boarding, biking, travel, and family.

Drawing on more than 25 years in healthcare and non-profit leadership, coupled with her experience as a coach, Michelle helps individuals gain clarity on where they are now, where they want to be, and how they will get there

Michelle Rembert is an ICF credentialed coach, speaker and workshop facilitator, who helps heart-centered leaders & entrepreneurs to stress less, live more, and lead well.

With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Michelle is well-prepared and uniquely qualified to support individuals, teams, and organizations in workplace wellbeing. She has expertise in helping individuals to overcome overwhelm, stress and burnout. She believes that in order to show up fully and lead others, we must show up fully for ourselves first.

Michelle is also passionate about empowering leaders and organizations to create a coaching culture. Michelle is a licensed facilitator in Coach U's - The Coach Clinic. She specializes in facilitating workshops and training emerging and seasoned leaders in coaching, mentoring and leadership skills to create better communication, build stronger teams, and amplify performance.

Michelle is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaches Federation. Michelle is Past President of the ICF Iowa Chapter.