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The Even Better Podcast

Oct 25, 2021

Sinikka Waugh, Kim and Dusten Gratny discuss 6 Ways Your Life is Enriched by Stepping Into Discomfort. 

Kim Gratny, Human Development Wrangler + Founder, is honored to be serving clients from a variety of industries based on their trust and confidence for more than 20 years. She’s humbled by and grateful for the word-of-mouth referrals earned. She is certified in Equine Guided Education (otherwise known as Horse Guided Coaching) and in Mentoring, Coaching + Leadership Development.
Communication, relationships, and horses are her lifelong fascinations. Her adventuresome spirit has taken her on a 20+-year journey in public relations, child-rearing, homemaking, entrepreneurship, coaching, consulting, and ranching - a distinct culmination of her heritage (a mixture of generations of cowboys and entrepreneurs). Kim and her husband Dusten are humbled by and grateful for what God has entrusted to them — a blended family with five children, family-like friends, horses, bucking cattle, sheep, dogs, and land to steward.

Dusten Gratny, Animal Behaviorist, is a lifelong horseman, cattleman, and stock dog breeder and trainer who has steeped himself in his passions in a way very few implement. His way of being makes him extraordinary with animals. His creativity and tenacity have taken him down a spectrum of roads - from the excavating industry to a custom jeweler, trainer of Biblical horsemanship, and large animal veterinarian technician.
His favorite aspect of the animals he’s bred, trained, and competed with is the genetic strategy required for distinguished athleticism. He credits his ability to ebb, flex and flow to his family of origin. For nearly two decades, the family and their horses entertained audiences and ministered to event-goers as the only trick riding and roping family in America logging an average of 30 performances annually. He is grateful to be a steward of a ranch near Earlham and welcomes anyone interested in slowing down and building relationships.