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The Even Better Podcast

May 30, 2022

Sinikka Waugh and Kim Gratny discuss 5 Tips for Not Letting Perfectionism or Control-Freak Tendencies Prevent Us from Being Good Influencers.

Human Development Wrangler + Founder
Kim Gratny is honored to be serving clients from a variety of industries based on their trust and confidence for more than 20 years. She’s humbled by and grateful for the word-of-mouth referrals earned. She is certified in Equine Guided Education (otherwise known as Horse Guided Coaching) and in Mentoring, Coaching + Leadership Development.
Communication, relationships and horses are her lifelong fascinations. Her adventuresome spirit has taken her on a 20+-year journey in public relations, child rearing, homemaking, entrepreneurship, coaching, consulting and ranching - a distinct culmination of her heritage (a mixture of generations of cowboys and entrepreneurs). Kim and her husband Dusten are humbled by and grateful for what God has entrusted to them — a blended family with five children, family-like friends, horses, bucking cattle, sheep, dogs and land to steward.