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The Even Better Podcast

Oct 12, 2020

Sinikka Waugh and Nancy Hanna discuss 4 Ways to a Happy Heart.

Nancy Hanna has always been one to empower others to be the best that they can be with the best that they have. After 30+ years in the education world, she continues to inspire, challenge, motivate, and celebrate others. She is a certified Christian Life Coach, along with being a certified Laugh Instructor. Whether she is making you laugh or challenging you to meet goals, she will win you over with her zest for living and her love for learning. Nancy hasn’t met a stranger in her 60+ years and always enjoys connecting with those she meets. Nancy and her husband, Jeff, operate Happy Heart Resources, giving businesses and individuals alike the opportunity to find joy in living. Connect with Nancy if you are looking for the motivation and skills to continue to be a better you, or just wanting to laugh. She won’t disappoint.