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The Even Better Podcast

May 31, 2021

Sinikka Waugh and Faye Howard discuss 4 Things You Might Not Realize About Your Influence.

Faye is currently a Marketing Support Specialist at Pella Corporation where she ensures the Pella brand is represented consistently and accurately across retail, trade, and commercial business segments. Faye has a master’s degree in Training and Development and has held multiple roles in training, curriculum design, customer service and marketing throughout her career. She is a native of Minnesota but has made her home in Pella with her husband Seth and their 3 boys for the past (almost) 16 years. Faye is a connector and is intentional about influencing those around her therefore, in her free time, you’ll find her in the stands cheering on her boys in various activities, enjoying a walk or cup of coffee walk with a friend or immersed in a good book pulling out nuggets of wisdom.