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The Even Better Podcast

Apr 17, 2023

Sinikka Waugh and Jana Mitzoda discuss 5 Ways Dreams May Be Guiding You.

Jana is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and a certified facilitator through the Oxford Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness. She is trained and accredited by author and guru W. Timothy Gallwey on The Inner Game method. She has extensive experience with positive leadership and conscious presence, creating and facilitating hundreds of workshops with participants from more than 90 countries. Jana has accompanied people from all over the world on the path to finding meaning in life and in discovering their natural talents. She supports her clients in increasing their awareness and in assuming full responsibility for their state of mind, body, and energy while guiding them to realize their life mission. She believes that consciously steering our ship on our personal sea of dreams is essential for our fulfillment. Relying on the depth of her experience and well-honed intuition, Jana helps individuals activate their inner wisdom, and to remember who they really are, what unique gifts they bring, and how to best apply them. Her business and leadership world coalesced with the gift of lucid dreaming, something Jana developed as a child and which she has continued to hone, also by completing a 3-year Active Dreaming program with Robert Moss. Her lifelong hobby of dreaming was the foundation upon which she fulfilled her desire to become a Dream coach. Jana leads public events, residential retreats, guided group meditations, and dream circles. She also accompanies vision quests and communicates with dolphins and whales. She is the author of Through the Eye of the Whale, available as an e-book and audiobook, in both Czech and English. You can find more about her work on her Surf life Facebook page or at