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The Even Better Podcast

Dec 26, 2022

Sinikka Waugh and Vicki Flaherty discuss 4 Ways to Connect with Others.


Vicki Flaherty creates and spreads joy in the world through one-on-one coaching to support individuals in being their best, facilitating mindfulness and resilience-related experiences, blogging about leadership and life, and capturing moments of joy through her photography, poetry, and art. She believes in being present in the moment, focusing on what really matters, honoring every individual, listening from a place of openness and caring, examining issues from different perspectives, and acting with passion, courage, and creativity. The common thread of her career is that every step involves helping people succeed. As an Industrial/Organizational psychologist, she designed a variety of people-focused experiences such as onboarding, mentoring, career development, and talent management programs for organizations. She’s created leadership, mindfulness, and resilience programs for a Fortune 50 company, and is most fulfilled when facilitating experiences that help people lead their lives with clarity, intention, and authenticity, and that encourage health and well-being. She loves traveling with her husband, taking long walks, practicing yoga, volunteering at her local food pantry, gardening, writing, photography, and creating collage art. You can follow her on LinkedIn and check out her writing and photography on her Wordpress blogs at Leading with Intention, And Then Opens Possibility, Where Possibility Awaits, and the joyful eye.