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The Even Better Podcast

May 29, 2023

Sinikka Waugh and Judy Alter discuss 3 Skills that Make BAs Standout.

Judy Alter, CBAP®, FLMI, ACS, PCS & HIA

Judy Alter is a public speaker and coach: mentor, trainer, and Senior Business Systems Analyst with almost 20 years of experience in Business Analysis. The last eight years were spent working with various Agile Frameworks.

Judy rebranded herself as “The Optimistic BA” and is known as charismatic, optimistic, humorous, and a successful leader. Her specialty is with handling people, but she also has command of business analysis hardcore skills.

  • CEO/Owner of Judy Alter Speaker & Business Analysis Services LLC

  • IIBA Leader since 2012, where she has served in many roles

  • IIBA Global Chapter Council Chair September 2017 to December 2022